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Professional Furniture Treatment Service in North Miami, FL, and the Surrounding Areas

Effective Pest Elimination

Dealing with pests like clothing moths and Powderpost beetles can be incredibly stressful. These pests can damage your belongings, creating frustration and inconvenience in your daily life. You may find your favorite clothes ruined or valuable furniture compromised, leading to additional costs and hassle. At Active Pest Control, Inc., we understand the challenges and stress that come with pest infestations. Based in North Miami, FL, and serving the surrounding areas, we specialize in providing a reliable treatment service to eliminate these pests effectively. Our family-owned company has been serving the community since 1957, offering quick response times and reliable solutions. With a team of 10 professionals and over 60 years of combined experience, we deliver personalized pest control services. Our A+ BBB rating underscores our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Trust us to keep your belongings safe and pest-free.

furniture fumigation service

Trusted Furniture Treatment Services

Furniture infestations can be devastating, compromising the integrity and value of your belongings. We offer a range of services designed to tackle these issues head-on. Our furniture treatment services are tailored to eliminate pests like clothing moths and Powderpost beetles, providing thorough and effective treatment. Our furniture treatment includes detailed inspections, targeted treatments, and preventative measures to keep your belongings safe. Whether you are dealing with a minor infestation or a major pest problem, our team is equipped to handle it all. We pride ourselves on our quick response times and reliable service, ensuring that your treatment needs are met promptly.

Secure Your Belongings with Our Treatment Services

Protecting your belongings from pests is crucial to maintaining their value and functionality. At Active Pest Control, Inc., we provide a stellar treatment service to eliminate pests from your furniture and other valuables. Serving North Miami, FL, and the surrounding areas, our family-owned company combines decades of experience with state-of-the-art techniques to deliver exceptional results. Our team of skilled professionals offers a thorough approach to treatment, ensuring that every aspect of your pest problem is addressed. With our A+ rating from the BBB, you can trust us to handle your treatment needs efficiently. Contact our team today to schedule your service and enjoy a pest-free environment.

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